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This is how we do it! I have been with VIPKID for 18 months. I have over 750 kids come and go from my class, I have about 15 regulars but many who come for one or more classes. I work about 15-20 hours a week. Last summer I worked two jobs, this and cleaning at a KOA, it was not always easy but it was an adventure. I have taught from TX to WY, from WY to TN and most parts in between! Small spaces, no problem. Teach from home! Work mornings and/or evenings, take the classes that help you to get started, make up to $22 an hour or $7-$11 a class. Show up every class, prepared and ready to rock someone’s world and have fun doing it. There are several steps in getting hired.


The nuts and bolts: basic requirements:
BA or above
• 1 year teaching experience
• Experience with the American/Canadian school system 

Stage 1 – Applicant screening: Make sure you give us the full run down. We want to know everything, and we mean it!
Stage 2 – Interview and Demo lesson; Think of this as a fit interview. We can explore whether VIPKID is the place for you! There are TWO methods for taking the interview/demo:
1. FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW with someone in Beijing, followed by a demo lesson. It will last around 30 minutes in total.
2. RECORDED INTERVIEW and submit the demo lesson. If you choose this format there won’t be anyone in the classroom with you, so you must use your imagination and classroom experience to teach the lesson. You will have 10 minutes to cover 10 slides.


If you get through this stage you will receive a Conditional Contract, contingent on you
passing Mock Class and Initial Teacher Preparation.
Stage 3 ITP– Initial Teacher Preparation
The goal in this stage is to pass a quiz. The training videos take a few hour to watch and they will teach you all about cancelling classes, curriculum, scheduling and policies. You must get 80% or above on the quiz.
Stage 4 – Mock 1 and Mock 2 Mocks Classes are an hour long, and they are essentially pretend classes designed to see how you handle the online classroom. For Mock Class 1 you will teach two levels: Level 2 (Beginner) Letter Xx; Level 5 (Intermediate)“My Country, My Culture”. You start by teaching Level 2 slides for 12 minutes, then there are 10 to 15 minutes for feedback, then you teach Level 5 slides before receiving final feedback. In this stage you will be assessed with two different rubrics. If you pass for Beginner levels, you may start teaching these levels and after 100 classes, you can apply for a level certification to teach older students. And vice versa. You may also be invited to take Mock Class 2.
For Mock Class 2 you will teach just one level, which is the one you scored higher for in
Mock 1 stage. For Beginner levels, you will teach the Letter Pp. For intermediate levels, you
will teach new slides called “Earth: Our Home”, which talks about environmental protection.
If at any point you feel like you are receiving contradictory information, or are confused by
the process, please email


We currently have 40,000 teachers and 300,000 students.  The goals for the next 5 years are expansive and goes into other countries.

You can teach from anywhere with a great connecting hotspot or landline internet.

Apply at and use my code

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