Relationship Manager

Company Details

If we don't do what we say, you don't have to stay!

Job Description

  • Talk to business owners to see if we can help them with their credit card processing needs
  • Find out what kind of POS system, software or terminal they are using to process credit cards
  • Obtain a processing statement to send in for analysis
  • Present a proposal prepared by company

Compensation (three ways to get paid)

  • Up front bonus consisting of 50% of the first year profit, plus a 25% residual paid monthly
  • Up front bonus consisting of 65% of the first year profit, plus a 15% residual paid monthly
  • 50% residual paid monthly, no upfront bonus
  • Residual is paid as long as the merchant stays with us

Additional Information

  • We have no territories
  • You will need a laptop and preferably an iPad
  • This can be a 100% electronic position (no need to print any applications)
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • We have no contracts or cancellation fees for our merchants
  • We have standard next day funding as long as the merchant settles their batch by 10pm EST
  • We also have same day funding for late night restaurant/bars (as long as they settle their batch by 6am EST, their funds will be in their accounts by 5pm their time)
  • Someone is always available to help you answer questions for a merchant or close a deal if you need help
  • There are no quotas to meet

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